BC Audio Ammo Can Amps Ammo Can Amps: BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp head 50w and 2x12 speaker cab BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp head 45w and 2x12 speaker cab BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp head 15w and 1x12 speaker cab BC Audio boutique guitar tube 1x12 combo amp 15w Only the beginning.

Rather than on a lab workbench, or inside a computer program, every BC Audio product is developed in the context of a real band’s live shows and full-volume rehearsals using specially outfitted prototypes to swap parts on the fly.

Why? So you can be confident that you will sound great where it matters: at the gig.

BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp gig gigging guitar player Sunset Strip Built for the gig,  born at the gig.

Ammo can test mule at a gig on the Sunset Strip, 2008

“One of the best sounding compact and moderately- powered rigs we have ever reviewed.”                                                                      - The ToneQuest Report

An entire line of all-tube guitar amps... and not a single 12AX7 in sight? YES!

Every BC Audio amp features 6SL7GT preamp tubes. These octal (8-pin) tubes have a very power-tube-like sound. If you know power tube breakup, you will recognize that crunch in these amps.

Big Bottles, Big Tone. Look, Ma! No boards!

True point-to-point wiring delivers a compact and physically direct signal path that no board-based amp can match.

Hear and feel the clarity you’ve been missing.

BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp guts true point to point “I build amps for people who  appreciate things that aren’t meant to be  something for everyone,  but everything to someone.”                                     - Bruce Clement
“We’re Smitten!”           - The ToneQuest Report
Tube Amp Master Builder  Founder, BC Audio
Introducing the first and only amp to  FOOTSWITCH between 50 and 100 watts. Grand Prix 100
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hand-made  all-tube  non-clone  guitar amps

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hand-made  all-tube  non-clone  guitar amps

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BC Audio builds hand-made all-tube non-clone guitar amps. Recipient of Guitar Player's EDITORS' PICK AWARD and Premier Guitar's PREMIER GEAR AWARD. BC Audio was founded in 2009 by award-winning guitarist and tube amp master builder Bruce Clement, who has been wielding a soldering iron since the late 1970s. BC Audio products are proudly made in San Francisco, California, USA.

©2017 Bruce Clement, BC Audio, San Francisco. Other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Duh.

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